Lender Terms and Conditions

Lender Registration Process

Before you are able to view any supporting documentation, or contact any brokers, we require you to first register with us to create your Lenderhub Account. The registration process will require us to identify and verify the bona fides of all lenders. By continuing with the registration process you agree to be contractually bound by the Terms and Conditions below, and on behalf of the owners of the business you represent, agree to indemnify Lenderhub against any penalties or damages arising to Lenderhub from your use of your Lenderhub account. Definitions and Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

  1. CFG (Commercial Finance Group) Limited ("Lenderhub") is a publisher of advertisements from commercial finance brokers, on behalf of their clients.
  2. These Terms apply to advertisements displayed on www.lenderhub.co.uk, hereafter known as "the Website".
  3. By placing an Advertisement the broker has agreed to be bound by terms which require a current Data Protection registration in their name, and any registration with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which may be required to transact the proposed business. The broker has obtained the authority of the client(s) to act on their behalf and to provide their personal information to you for the sole purpose of assessing the lending opportunity they advertise and expressing a qualified interest in funding it.
  4. You agree to provide accurate registration information, including your correct name, business e-mail address, business telephone number and correspondence address.
  5. You agree that you have the authority of the owners of the lending business you represent, to act on their behalf in viewing sensitive personal information provided for the purpose of assessing lending opportunities advertised on Lenderhub.
  6. You agree to inform us promptly of any changes to the information you have provided at registration, especially any change in your employment status.
  7. You authorise us, at any time, to use any means that we consider necessary to verify your identity with the lending business you represent and any third party providers of information.
  8. You agree that you and the lending business you represent, currently hold all of the professional and regulatory qualifications and permissions to legally act in the capacity of a lender on the Lenderhub site, where loans are required both by consumers and by legal entities.
  9. You agree that the brand name, logo and identity of the lending business you represent can be used by Lenderhub for marketing purposes to show advertisers that your firm is active in the Lenderhub marketplace.
  10. You will be required to choose a username, a password, and to provide a valid email address belonging to your employer’s domain. Upon successful completion of our registration process, we will contact you to confirm details and discuss your intended use of Lenderhub and what you would like to achieve. You agree to keep your username and password strictly confidential, and provide them only to us and only when requested. You are responsible for any misuse of them. Passwords are case sensitive and we recommend the use of passwords that combine non-obvious letters and numbers in different cases. Passwords should be changed four times annually, on a quarterly basis. This will help to reduce the risk of unauthorised use of your Lenderhub Account. We reserve the right to suspend your account if a password change is past due.
  11. If you or the business you represent, transfer any client information to another country, you warrant to Lenderhub that you will give it the same levels of protection as needed under the UK Data Protection Act. You may also give essential information about this proposed loan to others if needed for regulatory purposes.
  12. We are entitled to assume that all offers and correspondence made with reference to your username and password are made by you, on behalf of the business you represent. You agree to inform us at once by e-mail or by telephone if you believe that any of your Lenderhub account information is being misused so that we may suspend your account.
  13. We may suspend your Lenderhub account if we believe it is being misused. In such circumstances we will contact you as soon as possible in order to resolve the issue.
  14. Lenderhub makes no warranty for any of the qualities of the information published. If you believe that any attempted fraud is implied in the information published, this must be brought to our attention immediately in writing by email to admin@Lenderhub.co.uk so that all adverts published by the broker involved can be suspended while your concerns are investigated.
  15. Lenderhub accepts no liability for any losses or penalties your business may incur from your use of the site.
  16. We reserve the right to decline a lender application for any reason.

Making an Offer

Offers of “funding in principle” are made using the appropriate ‘offer’ buttons within Lenderhub. The broker representing the client will receive notification of your offer immediately. Your contact details will then become available to the broker and the broker may contact you to discuss the detail of your offer. In particular you should be able to explain whether any formal underwriting of the “offer in principle” has been performed and what steps remain to get a legally binding offer from your business for the client. If necessary you will also be able to query the broker and build a deeper understanding of the borrower and his/her financial position.

Accepted or Declined offers

After assessing your “in principle offer” a broker may choose to accept or decline it. If your offer is declined you will receive a notice from Lenderhub advising you that your offer of funding has not been successful. If your offer is accepted then the deal will be withdrawn from the site and no further offers of funding can be received during the 21 day marketing period purchased by the client. You will then make arrangements with the broker privately to work towards the issue a formal offer of funding, including the payment of fees from the client, obtaining consents and performing the due diligence required.