Lenderhub was developed as tool to help brokers find commercial funding in the now fragmented commercial finance industry post Global Financial Crisis (GFC).

In response to the GFC the high street banks pulled back from what was perceived as the "riskier" areas of the commercial lending market.

This left large spaces, which for a time were simply were unoccupied, but have been quickly populated by a growing number of 'specialist' lenders.

These lenders have come up with many ingenious and creative models which collectively not only satisfy the demand for funding, but also provide stability to our banking system.

However, with so many new lenders coming in to the market, the task of finding the right lender, for the right loan, at the right time has become much more difficult than it ever was in the past.

Alongside this there is also increasing pressure from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for commercial brokers to ‘evidence’ that they have truly "researched" the market before recommending a product to a client.

Without the aid of a residential style sourcing system this can be very difficult for them to deliver.


Bring together the many different types of commercial lenders on to one platform and allow brokers to advertise their clients lending opportunities to this audience.

Lenders can then be proactive in searching for deals, rather than relying on brokers to present deals to them.


Our lender audience is made up of 'prime' high street lenders, mid-tier specialist lenders, third-tier short term bridging/development specialists, and the new 'alternative' lenders such as the peer-to-peer platforms.

Subject to satisfactory identity checks, any commercial lender can register with Lenderhub.


Advertising on Lenderhub is exclusively reserved for brokers who are currently registered with the NACFB.

If you are a potential borrower and do not have a broker to represent you, please visit the NACFB broker directory to source one -

All broker applications are checked against the NACFB register as part of the Lenderhub approval process.

Lenderhub restricts access to brokers as we believe that only a professional broker has the experience and expertise necessary in order to package and present a commercial lending proposition in a way that allows a commercial lender to quickly make a funding decision.


The Lenderhub 'list-a-deal' process prompts the broker to provide all the necessary information about the deal.

After a deal has been submitted, it will be reviewed by the Lenderhub team.

This is a quality control process, and is designed to ensure that only well packaged, well presented lending propositions are listed.

If the listings team believe that more information is required they will revert back to the broker and highlight any areas for extra attention.

As a broker the task is simple - "You explain the lending scenario, and, You set the terms!".

Lenderhub does not refuse or decline any deal based on the terms offered. A broker can list ANY lending opportunity for a maximum of 21 days.

Please note: The terms of the deal can not be changed after the deal has gone live.

If the broker wishes to revise the terms they must cancel the original listing (no refunds will be made), and re-list the deal under new terms, unfortunately incurring a second listing fee (see costs below).

Before submitting a listing we encourage all brokers to carefully consider the risks of the proposition and what terms would be considered a fair ‘market rate’, both from the lenders perspective and the clients. If you offer a level of interest that is too low you are not likely to get a good response.

Once the listing has been approved and payment has been received, the listing will go live.

The Lenderhub 'Deal-Matching' service notifies all lenders whose lending parameters matches the terms of the deal listed via email.

Lenders can then log in and view the lending scenario (including all supporting documentation).

If the deal is of interest to them, they can then make an offer of funding by clicking the 'fund' button.

When an offer of funding is made, the deal status changes to 'under offer'. This means other lenders can still view summary details of the deal, but can not access supporting documentation, or make further offers.

When an offer of funding is received the broker promoting the deal will be notified via email.

The identity of the lender making the offer is now accessible by the broker. This allows the broker to make contact with the potential lender and discuss the detail of the case.

If a common ground is reached the lender would issue an Offer in Principle. If no offer in principle is made, then the broker will reject the lenders offer and the 'under offer' status would be removed from the listing.

Upon acceptance of the offer in principle by the client, the broker will in turn accept the lenders offer of funding in Lenderhub, and the deal would be declared 'funded'.

The deal will then be removed from the ‘active’ listings. The deal will still be visible in the Lenderhub site, but no offers can be made and lenders can not access the supporting evidence.

If the deal was then to fall through during the post ‘offer in principle’ stages, the broker would need to ‘relist’ the deal unfortunately incurring another set of listing fees.


Each listing incurs a £199 fee for a 21 day advert.

Lenderhub takes no additional charge if a deal is funded.

Both the lender and the broker are free to make their own arrangements with regards to consultancy fees and proc fees.

There are no charges for lenders to register or use the system.