Advertiser Terms and Conditions

Definitions and Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

  1. 1. CFG (Commercial Finance Group) Limited ("Lenderhub") accepts publication of advertisements on the terms and conditions set out below ("Terms").
  2. 2. These Terms apply to advertisements displayed on, hereafter known as "the Website".
  3. 3. By placing an order, the Advertiser (which is the person placing the order for the Advertisement whether they are the borrower themselves who’s case is referred to in the Advertisement, or the broker acting on the behalf of the borrower) accepts and agrees to be bound by these Terms in full.

Content and Delivery of Advertisements

Lenderhub may, without any responsibility to the Advertiser, reject, cancel or require any Advertisement to be amended that it considers unsuitable or contrary to these Terms, and remove, suspend or change the position of any such Advertisement. Lenderhub may refuse to publish any Advertisement for any Advertiser who has not paid any sums due for any advertising in the Website. The Advertiser will remain responsible for all outstanding charges. The publication of an Advertisement by Lenderhub does not mean that Lenderhub accepts the Advertisement has been provided in accordance with these Terms or that Lenderhub has waived its rights under these Terms.

The Advertiser guarantees to Lenderhub that:
  • (i) any information supplied in connection with the Advertisement is accurate, complete, true and not misleading;
  • (ii) it has obtained the consent of any living person whose name or image (in whole or in part) is contained in any Advertisement;
  • (iii) the Advertisements are legal, decent, honest and truthful, are not contrary to the provisions of any applicable law, regulation or code of practice (including the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing and all other codes under the general supervision of the Advertising Standards Authority (see, are not libellous or obscene and do not infringe the rights of any person (including any person's intellectual property rights);
  • (iv) the Advertisement will not be prejudicial to the image or reputation of Lenderhub or the Website; and
  • (v) all Advertisements submitted for publication online will be free of any viruses and no Advertisement will cause an adverse effect to the operation of the Website.


All sums payable to CFG (Commercial Finance Group) Limited (Lenderhub) should be made in accordance with Lenderhub’s Terms & Conditions which are: all customers will be required to prepay unless credit terms have been approved following a satisfactory credit check; Lenderhub's standard credit terms are for payment to be received as cleared funds by BACS payment on or before 28 days of the date of insertion/date of invoice; any changes to the Standard Payment Terms must be agreed by the Lenderhub Accounts Receivable; Lenderhub may charge interest on the amount outstanding up to 4% above the Bank of England base rate.

Refund Policy

Lenderhub adheres to the following policy with respect to requests for refunds of listing fees:
  • 1. Lenderhub will not provide any refund, for any reason, if Lenderhub receives the request for refund more than 72 hours after an Ad has been ordered. If you contact us after 72 hours, we will correct any mistakes we have made in the Ad, but cannot offer a refund.
  • 2. If you call within 72 hours of ordering an Ad, Lenderhub will provide a refund only for the following reasons:
  • (i) Your Ad has not been posted and you wish to cancel the Ad (but you must first allow 24 hours for photos and up to 48 hours for multiple photos to post); or
  • (ii) You mistakenly ordered and paid for duplicate Ads through Lenderhub and seek to cancel, and obtain a refund on, the duplicate(s) only. We cannot, however, provide a refund on the original Ad.
  • 3. Lenderhub cannot provide a refund for any other reason, even if you call within 72 hours of ordering an Ad. For example, we cannot provide a refund if you change your mind about the Ad, or its content or enhancements, or if you have made mistakes in submitting the Ad, or if you have not received any inquiries or offers. We also cannot provide a refund if Lenderhub has made mistakes in the content or enhancements of the Ad. In any case where Lenderhub has made such mistakes, we will of course make appropriate corrections to the Ad.
  • 4. If you made mistakes in submitting an Ad directly with Lenderhub, we will make corrections to the Ad. There will be no charge for these corrections, unless you wish to order additional enhancements, in which cases there may be an additional charge


Lenderhub cannot guarantee the number of offer(s) of funding delivered during the listing of the advert. Lenderhub does not guarantee that listing your opportunity for lending will result in a successful offer of funding. Lenderhub will expose the investment opportunity to investor audience registered with Lenderhub and notify them of the opportunity via email. The decision for an investor to contact the Broker acting on the behalf of the lender ultimately rests with the lender. The success of the listing relies upon the following: the property type and location being of interest to the investor; the borrower, (the client of the broker), being of sound financial footing; and the terms of the loan being attractive enough to entice the lender to make an offer. The statistics provided by Lenderhub with regards to exposure of the lending opportunity will be final.

Liability of Lenderhub

Lenderhub accepts no responsibility for any interruption or delay the Advertiser experiences in delivering any Advertisement copy to Lenderhub, or any loss or damage to any Advertisement copy or any other materials. The Advertiser guarantees that it has retained sufficient quality and quantity of all materials supplied to Lenderhub.

Funday shall use its reasonable endeavours to reproduce Advertisements as provided by the Advertiser but cannot guarantee that the Advertisement will be of the same quality.

Lenderhub will not be responsible for any additions to, changes in, deletions from, delays in publication or withdrawal of any Advertisements required by any authority having responsibility for the regulation of online or press advertising (including the Advertising Standards Authority).

If the Advertisement as reproduced by Lenderhub contains a substantial error solely due to a mistake on Lenderhub’s part, Lenderhub shall, upon request, re-publish the Advertisement at no additional cost to the Advertiser. Lenderhub shall not be responsible for repetition of errors and it is the Advertiser's responsibility to inform Lenderhub of any errors and provide any necessary assistance to Lenderhub to prevent a repeat of the error.

Lenderhub shall not be responsible, under any circumstances, for any loss of profit, loss of opportunity, loss of goodwill, loss of anticipated saving, loss of revenue and/or any other loss which happens as a side effect of the main loss suffered by the Advertiser or any loss which could not be contemplated by Lenderhub and the Advertiser, and Lenderhub’s maximum total liability for any loss or damage arising out of or in relation to any Advertisement whether in contract, tort or otherwise shall not exceed the total amount of the charges for the relevant Advertisement actually paid by or on behalf of the Advertiser.

In respect of Advertisements on the Website, Lenderhub does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted access by users of the Website but will make reasonable efforts to provide it.

For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in these Terms will limit or exclude Lenderhub's responsibility for death or personal injury resulting from its own negligence, fraud or any other liability that cannot be excluded.

Nothing in these terms and conditions shall affect the statutory rights of an Advertiser who is a consumer.

Lenderhub undertakes to the advertiser that the contact information provided by them will not be used by Lenderhub, or any related business, for any purpose whatsoever. All rights, except copyright in this information remain with the advertiser.

Liability of the Advertiser

The Advertiser will fully reimburse Lenderhub for all claims, losses or expenses arising as a result of any breach or failure to perform of any of these Terms and/or the use or publication of the Advertisement by Lenderhub in accordance with these Terms.


Lenderhub owns the copyright in all Advertisements listed within its environment.

Except as expressly permitted by these terms and conditions, you may not copy, reproduce, redistribute, download, republish, transmit, display, adapt, alter, create derivative works from, or otherwise extract or re-utilise any of the contents of the Website. In particular, you must not cache any of the contents for access by third parties, nor mirror or frame any of the content of the Website, nor incorporate it into another website without our express written permission.

By proceeding to register you agreeing to these terms and conditions.