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Lenderhub is a tool which helps brokers find lenders for their clients projects

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Advertise ANY funding requirement, under ANY terms. The loan required must be secured again a UK property, which is not in any way the home for your client.

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We will notify lenders immediately by email when a deal is listed which matches their lender profile.


Lenderhub has a collection of financial institutions (including high street banks), Alternative peer-to-peer lenders, and high net worth individuals, all looking to lend.

Why use Lenderhub

  • Brokers Only Access to Lenderhub can only be made through a broker. If you wish to list a deal on Lenderhub you need to contact a broker to package and upload your lending requirement.
  • Save Time Why spend hours writing up deals for multiple lenders. Simply list the deal once on Lenderhub and let the lenders come to you!
  • Whole Of Market We broadcast your lending opportunity to financial institutions (including high street banks), Alternative lenders including 'peer to peer' lenders and High Net Worth Individuals.
  • Find the Best Rate If you increase the number of lenders exposed to your deal, you increase the competition, resulting in a lower rate for your client.
  • Secure Access to details are restricted. Only "verified" lenders can view your case documents.

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Who are we?

Lenderhub is operated by CFG (Commercial Finance Group) Ltd, which has been brokering commercial property loans since 2006. Over this time, we've found that restrictive lending practices have caused too many loan requests to be rejected by UK banks. Lenderhub was established not only to give a voice to these people, but also to introduce healthy competition between lenders for deals and ultimately to drive down rates for borrowers.